Initial / Test Post


Ok- so we’re off to kind of a slow start… but the general idea is that this blog will be a catch-all for random projects, clever ideas, neat pictures, scenic stuff (especially if it was a long walk to get there), nifty things I make/build/create, and whatever else I think to put up here.

I’m a big fan of making sawdust and melting wires, so expect to see some of that here soon. I’ll be starting with some of my previously completed projects, so expect to see my refurbished (and MAME’d) Dig Dug Arcade Cabinet, the 3/4 scale Galaga Inspired 60-in-1 Arcade cabinet I built from scratch after that, the Duff Can Random Simpsons Episode player, the soon to be finished New Garage Work Space Wall of Awesomeness and storage, the 3d printer kit i finally got put together (and the additional stuff I’m going to build with all the misc. printer parts I’ve been collecting since 2011), and… whatever else I can think to add.

But like I said, slow start. So for now, enjoy an awesome pic of a Snowy Saltair.

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